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Product name : Ibuprofen
Item : RX051
Details :
Chinese nicknames Ibuprofen.Different Ding Luofen;For ibuprofen;Anger pull the wind;2 - methyl - 4 - (2 - methyl propyl) benzene yi acid;2 - (4 - isobutyl phenyl) propionic acid;Finn will receive;4 - isobutyl - Α - methyl benzene yi acid;4 - isobutyl - alpha methyl phenyl yi acid
CAS RN 15687-27-1
The English name of Ibuprofen
EINECS no. 239-784-6
C13H18O2 by child
The molecular weight of 206.2734
Physical and chemical properties The melting point of 75-78 ° C
The boiling point of 157 ° C (4 mmHg)
Solubility in water insoluble
Use as PG synthetase inhibitors, has antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects

Content: 99%
Appearance: white powder
CAS: 15687-27-1
Quality standard: subfolders CP2005 / USP
Packing: 25 kg/drum
USES: used to relieve moderate pain, such as joint pain, muscle pain, migraine, headache, toothache, menstrual cramps, neuralgia, can also be used to reduce the common cold or influenza caused by fever."

Common name: ibuprofen

CAS no. : 15687-27-1

Chinese alias: ibuprofen;Different Ding Luofen;For ibuprofen;Anger pull the wind;2 - methyl - 4 - (2 - methyl propyl) benzene yi acid

English name: Ibuprofen

Molecular formula: C13H18O2

Molecular weight: 206.28

EINECS no. : 239-784-6

77.0 ℃ melting point: 75 ~ 75

Dry weight loss % : 0.5 0.08 or less

Polarimetric ° : 0.05 ~ 0.05

Qualified heavy metals % : acuities were 0.001 < 0.001
Impurities (%) : acuities were 0.3 < 0.3
Quality standard: CP2005
Content: 98% or higher
Properties: this product is a white crystalline powder;Slightly peculiar smell, almost tasteless.This product in the ethanol, bing ketone, chloroform or ethyl mi easily dissolved, almost insoluble in water;Easily dissolved in sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate solution.The melting point of the melting point of this product is 74.5 ~ 77.5 ℃.
Product use: used as PG synthetase inhibitors, have antipyretic analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
Packing: 25 kg/cardboard drum
To adapt to the symptoms:
1. Arthritis: it can ease the acute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, soft tissue rheumatism attack, and can eat for a long time.Shanghai guanghua hospital application of ibuprofen sustained release capsule treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and Steve will treat the disease has carried on the comparison, the results showed that ibuprofen sustained release capsule and Steve will be similar curative effect for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. 
2. Pain: used to relieve mild to moderate pain.Such as, dental pain, and after orthopaedic surgery, obstetrics, muscles, bones, their physical condition after a sports injury of soft tissue pain.Also can relieve headaches, slippery bursa phlogistic, tendinitis and other inflammatory rheumatoid joint pain. 
3. Gout: the drug of gout has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. 
4. Dysmenorrhea of primary dysmenorrhea and intrauterine foreign body (such as intrauterine device) caused by secondary dysmenorrhea, in addition to relieve pain, reduce menstrual blood loss. 
5. Antifebrile: mainly used for the common cold or influenza caused by a high fever.Qin Yusheng etc in ibuprofen bolt for febrile children antipyretic experiment, 60 cases of fever in children in the application on the basis of conventional antifebrile pediatric ibuprofen bolt, and 58 cases of children in the control group only give regular antifebrile.Results show efficiency was 35% in treatment group, the total effective rate was 91.7%, and were higher than the control group were 5.2% and 75.9%, according to pediatric ibuprofen bolt has the satisfactory curative effect in the treatment of children with fever.

Keto ibuprofen
Chinese name ketone ibuprofen
The English name of Ketoprofen
2 - (3 - Benzoylphenyl alias) propionic acid;2 - (meta - Benzoylphenyl) propionic acid;Alrheumat, ketone group ibuprofen;Ketone ibuprofen;Alpha - methyl - 3 - benzene formyl
Molecular formula C16H14O3
The molecular weight of 254.28
The CAS login number 15-22071-4
Properties: this product is a white crystalline powder, odourless or almost odourless.This product is easily soluble in methanol, in ethanol, easily dissolved
Indications: it is mainly used for treatment of rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
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